Red Burner 30 capsules in Botle /Red Supplements/ (guaranteed weight loss)


Red Supplements at Red Supplements is the latest generation of all-natural and highly effective fan burners that has been developed with the latest research in the areas of human metabolism, sports and supplements.

Red Burner contains a specially developed complex of extracts that speeds up basic metabolism, boosts energy, suppresses appetite, maintains good mood and motivation and supports optimal thyroid function.

Weigh up to 10 kg. in just one 30 day course with Red Burner!
Weight loss with Red Burner is easy, fast and does not even require training. When you take Red Burner, you will feel a full day of energy, a repressed desire to eat harmful foods and drinks, increased motivation and a difference in pounds every day. For optimum results, it is advisable to combine Red Burner intake with physical activity.

How to take Red Burner for best results?
Red Burner is taken 1 capsule daily, preferably in the morning 20-30 minutes before breakfast with 250-300 ml. water.

How does Red Burner work?
Red Burner is designed to address the most important conditions for achieving and maintaining a slim and elegant figure. First, Red Burner speeds up all metabolic processes in the body, resulting in increased calorie burn, both at rest and during exercise. Red Burner suppresses the desire to eat harmful foods and maintains high and stable levels of energy and motivation throughout the day, which is very important when aiming to lose excess weight. Last but not least is the action that Red Burner has on maintaining and stoking the optimal thyroid function, which is critical to the proper functioning of metabolism.

What is contained in Red Burner?
Red Burner contains a complex of active substances whose raw materials are manufactured in one of the most modern manufacturing bases in the US and have passed the highest standards of quality and potency.

The active substances in Red Burner have proven to be the most effective means of combating excess weight.

Each pack of Red Burner contains 30 capsules, each containing:
Specially designed complex containing 1200 mg. aquatic substances:

Pure Garcinia Cambodgia Extract
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
Carteine ​​Anhydrous
Green Tea Extract
3.5 L-Thyronine Diiodo

120 mg. Patented blend for burning fat from Red Supplements

Pure Garcinia Cambodgia Extract

The pure Garcinia Cambodgia extract in Red Burner contains the substance hydroxyl citric acid, which has been shown to have a pronounced effect on stimulating metabolism, controlling appetite and physical endurance.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Improves mood and concentration, and significantly increases motivation and desire to achieve results.


B-Phenylethylamine is a substance that can be found in chocolate that leads to an increase in the levels of dopamine in the body naturally. Studies have shown that taking B-Phenylethylamine leads to better concentration, coordination, energy and mood.

Green Tea Extract

The high percentage Green Tea Extract in Red Burner has a powerful anti-oxidant effect by cleansing the body of unnecessary toxins and combating harmful free radicals. Also, the Extract stimulates and accelerates the metabolism and processes associated with fat burning.


Dendrobuim stimulates the central nervous system, giving a powerful and prolonged surge of energy throughout the day.

3.5 L-Thyronine Diiodo

3.5 Diiodo L-Thyronine or T2 is a substance that stimulates and maintains optimal thyroid function, thereby significantly enhancing metabolism in a completely natural way.


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