Piracetam AL 1200 mg 60 film-coated tablets in Box


What is Piracetam AL 1200 and what is it used for?
Piracetam AL 1200 is a nootropic agent for the treatment of psycho-organic syndrome, ischemic cerebrovascular (cerebrovascular) events and their consequences, especially aphasia (loss or impairment of the ability to produce linguistic production and / or to understand foreign speech ), cortical myoclonus (hyperkinesia (rapid movements and inability to settle) manifested by single or repeated involuntary fractures in individual muscle groups), treatment of dyslexia (inability to read and understand rooted) and treatment of vertigo (vertigo).

Piracetam AL 1200 is used for the symptomatic treatment of:

Psycho-organizational syndrome with the following manifestations: memory impairment, disturbance of attention and lack of motivation.
Treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular accidents and their consequences, in particular aphasia.
Treatment of cortical myoclonus, alone or in combination.
Treatment of dyslexia in children, in combination with appropriate measures such as treatment by a speech therapist.
Treatment of vertigo and related balancing disorders, except dizziness of vasomotor or psychic origin.

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