Neurotop retard 300 mg /Carbamazepine/50 prolonged-release tablets in pack


What is Neurotope Retard 300 mg and what is it used for

Carbamazepine, the active substance in Neurotope Retard 300 mg tablets, affects certain processes in nerve cells in the brain. For this reason, carbamazepine has anticonvulsant (prevents seizure) and mood-boosting effects.

Neurotope Retard 300 mg tablets is used for:

treatment of various forms of epilepsy,
treating conditions accompanied by high mood, anxiety and tendency and exaggerated self-esteem (mania),
prevention of diseases that alternate with manic disorders with conditions of depression and severe sadness (manic-depressive diseases),
treatment of facial pain associated with nerve inflammation (trigeminal neuralgia),
treatment of nerve disorders due to diabetes mellitus (diabetic polyneuropathy),
prevention of convulsions and tremor in the case of alcohol withdrawal,
treatment for the discharge of an abnormally large amount of urine accompanied by severe thirst (palatable diabetes).

What Neurotope Retard 300 mg looks like and contents of the pack
White, to light yellow, prolonged-release flat tablets with cross dividing features on one side.
The tablet can be divided into equal halves.
The packs contain 30 or 50 tablets in PVC blisters.

Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer

G.L. Pharma GmbH
Schlossplatz 1
8502 Lannach Austria

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