Medix Antibacterial Hand Gel 2 Tubes x 60 ml /TOTAL 120 ml/


Antibacterial Gel Medix Antibacterial for Hands 60 ml
A quick and easy way to maintain excellent hand hygiene wherever you are: in the office, on the road, on the playground, on the bus, with your pet, in health and public facilities. MEDIX’s compact antibacterial hand gel kills 99.9% of all known bacteria by cleaning and disinfecting in seconds – without the need for soap and water. With a refreshing scent and additives that hydrate the skin to make you feel clean and relaxed everywhere.

Packaging and dosage: 60ml

Apply 3ml of the gel on clean and dry hands, wiping vigorously for 60 seconds.

Suitable for: direct external use for hand disinfection

Our advice:

Use the biocide safely. Read the biocide label and information carefully before use.

* Biocide with bactericidal and virucidal action for hand hygiene. Please follow the instructions for use. Number of the issued marketing authorization: 1007-3 / 12.02.2015.

Manufacturer: Mexon Ltd.

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Manufacturer: Mexon Ltd.


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