Lorista HD 100 mg/25 mg 28 film coated tablets in Box


What is Lorista HD and what is it used for?

Lorasta HD is a combination of angiotensin II receptor antagonist (losartan) and a diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide). Lorasta HD is indicated for the treatment of essential hypertension (high blood pressure).
Always take Lorasta HD exactly as your doctor has told you. Your doctor will decide which is the appropriate dose of Loris HD depending on your condition and whether you are taking other medicines. It is important that you continue to take Lorasta HD for as long as your doctor prescribes, this will ensure a constant control of your blood pressure. The usual starting and maintenance dose for most patients is 1 tablet of Losartan H (50 mg / 12.5 mg) per day. If necessary, your doctor will increase the dose to 2 tablets of Losartan once daily or to 1 tablet of Losartan HD (losartan 100 mg / hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg) daily.

The maximum daily dose is 1 tablet daily of Loris HD (100 mg / 25 mg).

If you have the impression that the effect of the medicine is too strong or too weak, tell your doctor or pharmacist.

If you take more Losartan HD than you should

If you take more Losartan than you should, tell your doctor immediately to get the necessary medical help in time. Overdose can cause a fall in blood pressure, palpitations.


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