Linezolid Polpharma 2 mg/ml solution for infusion /linezolid)


What Linezolid Polpharma is and what it is used for
Linezolid Polpharma is an antibiotic from the oxazolidine group that stops the growth of certain bacteria (germs) that cause infections. It is used to treat pneumonia and certain skin and subcutaneous infections in adults. Your doctor will decide whether this medicine is suitable for treating your infection.
How to take Linezolid Polpharma
You can take Linezolid Polpharma before, during and after meals.

This medicine will be given to you by infusion (infusion into a vein) by a doctor or other healthcare professional. The usual dose for adults (over 18 years) is 300 ml (600 mg linezolid) twice a day, given directly into the bloodstream (intravenously) by infusion over a period of 30 to 120 minutes.



ЛИНЕЗОЛИД инфузионен разтвор 2 мг/мл 300 мл * 10 ПОЛФАРМА
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Линезолид Полфарма 2 mg/ml инфузионен разтвор
Linezolid Po?pharma 2 mg/ml solution for infusion

Още за ЛИНЕЗОЛИД инфузионен разтвор 2 мг / мл 300 мл * 10 ПОЛФАРМА (LINEZOLID POLPHARMA solution for infusion 2 mg/ml 300 ml * 10),


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