LINDYNETTE 30 75 micrograms / 30 micrograms -21 coated tablets gestodene / ethinylestradiol



What is Lindinet 30 and what is it used for.

Lindinet 30 is an oral contraceptive, a representative of a group of medicines commonly called the “tablet”. Lindinet 30 contains two types of hormones: estrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (gestodene). These hormones prevent the excretion of an egg from the ovary every month (ovulation). They also cause the secretion (mucus) in the cervix (cervix) to thicken, making it a hard to break barrier for sperm that cannot reach the egg, and also altering the uterine mucosa, making it more immune to pupil. .

Medical studies and experience show that when properly administered, the tablet is an effective and reversible form of pregnancy protection.

Remember, combined contraceptive pills, such as Lindinet, will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (such as AIDS). Only condoms (condoms) can protect you from these cases.

You and the tablet.

How your body prepares for the onset of pregnancy (the menstrual cycle).

Usually, you may become pregnant (conceiving) from the moment you start having menstruation every month (usually this happens during puberty) until the menstruation stops (the menopause period). Each menstrual cycle consists of about 28 days. Around the middle of this period, an egg separates from one of your ovaries and falls into the so-called Fallopian tube. This is called ovulation.
The egg moves downward through the Fallopian tube toward the uterus. When you have sexual intercourse, millions of sperm are thrown from your partner’s penis that enter your vagina. Some of these sperm run up the uterus and reach the Fallopian tube. If an egg is present in one of the two Fallopian tubes at this point and one of the sperm reaches it, pregnancy may occur. This is called conception.

The fertilized egg thus attaches to the uterine mucosa and becomes a mature fruit for nine months. Since the egg can be viable for up to two days and the viability of the sperm is five days, this means that if you have had sexual intercourse within five days before ovulation and for some time thereafter, pregnancy may occur. If fertilization does not occur, you will lose the egg at the end of the menstrual cycle along with part of the uterine lining. This is called bleeding (menstruation).

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