Hedonin 25 mg (Quetiapine) 60 film-coated tablets in Box


What Hedonin is and what it is used for
Hedonine contains a substance called quetiapine. It belongs to a group of medicines called antipsychotics. Hedonine can be used to treat several diseases, such as:

Bipolar depression: in which you feel sad. You may find that you feel depressed, guilty, lack of energy, lose your appetite, or can’t sleep.
Mania: in which you may feel very excited, excited, excited, enthusiastic or hyperactive, or have poor judgment, including being aggressive or destructive.
Schizophrenia: in which you may hear or feel things that are not there, believe things that are not true, or feel unusually suspicious, anxious, confused, guilty, tense, or depressed.
Your doctor may continue to prescribe Hedonin, even when you feel better.
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Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer
G.L., Pharma GmbH
Schlossplatz 1, 8502 Larmach, Austria

This medicinal product is authorized in the EEA Member States under the following names:

Bulgaria: Hedonin, 25/100/200 mg film-coated tablets

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