GYNO-PEVARYL 50 mg pessaries (econazole nitrate) 15 pcs in Box


What is GINO-PEVARIL 50 mg pesars and what is it used for

GINO-Pevaryl 50 mg pesars is an antifungal medicine and is used to treat vaginal infections caused by fungi and yeasts such as Candida, including suspected co-occurring gram-positive bacterial infections.
Contents of the pack and additional information

What GINO-PEVARIL 50 mg pesars contains

The active substance is econazole nitrate. The other ingredients are: solid.

What GINO-PEVARIL 50 mg pesars looks like and contents of the pack

One carton of GINO-Pevaril 50 mg pessaries contains 15 white oval pessaries, packed in 3 blisters.

Marketing Authorization Holder

Johnson & Johnson, Slovenia


Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium





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