Gabagamma 300 mg gabapentin 100 film-coated tablets in Box


Gabapentin is used to treat:

Different forms of epilepsy (seizures that are initially limited to certain parts of the brain, whether the seizure spreads to the rest of the brain or not). Your doctor will prescribe Gabamagma for the additional treatment of your epilepsy when your previous treatment is not enough to control your condition. You should take Gabapentin as an add-on to your treatment, unless otherwise instructed.
Gabagamma can also be used on its own for the treatment of adults and children over 12 years of age.

Peripheral neuropathic pain (prolonged pain resulting from nerve damage). Different diseases, such as diabetes or herpes zoster, can lead to peripheral neuropathic pain (originally from the feet and / or the hands). Painful symptoms may be described as hot, burning, throbbing, shaking, piercing, sharp, cramping, painful, tingling, stiff, like needles or warming,

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