FITOVAL Dermatological 200 ml shmapoo /HAIR LOSS/


FITOVAL Dermatologically Tested Shampoo Against Kosopad

Active substances:

Wheat peptides
Rosemary and arnica extracts
Properties: A unique combination containing wheat peptides that penetrate deep into the hair cortex and strengthen hair structure and glycogen, which is transformed into energy inside the hair bulb, which stimulates cell division and metabolism. Speeding up the processes at the hair roots stimulates the growth of healthier hair.

Test results: Reduces hair loss during washing and increases hair volume. Increases the vitality and shine of hair in more than 73% of people it has been tested for.

Use: Apply to damp hair and massage the scalp. Allow to act for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. You can repeat the procedure if necessary. Use regularly to wash your hair when it is prone to fall.

Packing: 200 ml.
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