Efedrin Arsan (EPHEDRINE) – 50 tablets х 50 mg. by Arsan


Efedrin CAN I FIND EPHEDRIN? Yes, you can find us in the form of capsules or tablets. We offer tested products containing Ephedrine Hydrochloride or the most potent formula of Ephedrine. This form has been used and is still used in sport and unsurpassed in its qualities. Efedrine gives incredible results in the cardio capabilities of every athlete – air, stamina, lack of fatigue are just a small part of this product that continues to be imposed and sought in sports fields. WHAT IS THE DOSE I HAVE TO ACCEPT? Ephedrine starts at a standard dose of 50 mg, then if you decide you can go up. Do not overdo it because the dose increases with the side effects of the product. Also, keep in mind that the body quickly builds tolerance and makes no sense to start at very high doses. Use this preparation wisely as any other preparation and respect its potential. WHAT TO COMBINE? The classic and well-known combination is with Caffeine and Aspirin works flawlessly – yes, it’s the top combination for maximum effect, sweating, air, burning fat. Caffeine has a synergistic effect, aspirin boosts sweating. The triple combination is definitely the best. This means 1 capsule / tablet of Efedrine, 1 short coffee and 1 aspirin tablet, chewed and water test – only 20-30 minutes later you will feel the tide of energy and strength of the combination.

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