Diclac Ampoules 75mg / 3ml x 5 pcs in Pack (diclofenac sodium)


Diclac is a medicine containing diclofenac. Diclac is used to relieve various types of pain – joint, muscle, and more. Diclac can be used for bloating, arthritis and more. Diclac ampoules are prescribed by doctor.

Diclac administered intramuscularly is used for the symptomatic treatment of:

– pain in rheumatic crises, back pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow and other forms of rheumatism
– Gout bouts
– Pain in gallstones or kidney stones
– pain and swelling after surgery and trauma
– severe migraine attacks

Venous infusions are used to treat or prevent pain after surgery and are used in hospital settings.

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