DIAZEPAM 10 mg (very clean and powerful) 20 tablets in Box by ACTAVIS


What Diazepam Actavis is and what it is used for
Diazepam Actavis is a long-acting benzodiazepine product. It has anti-seizure, soothing and muscle relaxing action, suppresses anxiety. Its effect is due to increased activity of gamma-butyric acid (GABA). Its formation in the brain favors a state of calm and mental concentration as it prevents nerve cells from being over-excited.
Diazepam Actavis is used in adults for:
• Short-term (2-4 weeks) treatment of severe anxiety leading to disability and stress;
• Symptomatic treatment of acute alcohol withdrawal (condition after abrupt interruption of prolonged alcohol intake);
• Treatment of muscle spasms, incl. as an additional means of controlling muscle spasms in tetanus;
• As an additional treatment for some forms of epilepsy – myoclonus;
• Premedication – pre-surgery pre-medication to support anesthesia and reduce anxiety.
Diazepam Actavis is used in children for the treatment of:
• Nightmares and somnambulism;
• As an additional tool to control muscle spasms in tetanus;
• In some cases, it may have an effect in controlling tension and irritability that accompany muscle stiffness due to damage to the nervous system.
• Pre-medication – pre-operative pre-operative medication to help anesthesia and reduce anxiety.

20 tablets in pack – by Actavis made in Bulgaria EU

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by ACTAVIS – made in EU


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