DETRALEX 500 mg 60 film-coated tablets in Box


DETRALEX 500 mg 60 film-coated tablets
A flavonoid fraction, purified and micronized,
(corresponding to flavonoids expressed as Hesperidine 10%, Diosamine 90%)
Micronized and purified flavonoic fraction

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What DETRALEX is and what it is used for
DETRALEX is a venipuncture (increases venous tone) and a vasoprotector (increases the resistance of small blood vessels).
DETRALEX is recommended for symptomatic treatment of venous-vascular disorders (swollen legs, pain, tired legs) and for symptomatic treatment of acute hemorrhoidal crises.

What DETRALEX looks like and contents of the pack
Detrallex are pink-orange, oval film-coated tablets. One tablet contains 500 mg of flavonoid fraction, purified and micronised. The tablets are available in cartons of 30, 36, 60, 90 or 120 film-coated tablets in PVC / Aluminum blisters.
Not all pack sizes may be available.

Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer
Marketing Authorization Holder:
Les Laboratoires Servier, France.

Les Laboratoires Servier Industrie, France;
Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd., Ireland.


Les Laboratoires Servier Industrie, France;


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