DEMETRIN 10mg /Prazepam/ 20 tablets in Box by HEMOPHARM – (against insurance neurosis)


Prazepam – Demetrin
1 tablet contains 10 mg of leeks

Demetrin® stabilizes affective reactivity, relieves tension and fear, improves mood, normalizes sleep, and does not interfere with concentration and response power. It eliminates functional disorders of vegetative dysregulation in psychosomatic disorders. Due to the slow uniform absorption, optimal distribution and affinity for the receptors in the limbic system, Demetrin® does not impair concentration, does not lead to significant muscle relaxation, that is, fatigue and does not alter the ability to react. When administered orally, it is completely absorbed, metabolised in the liver, nordiazepam is the active metabolite, elimination half-life is approximately 40 hours, eliminated mainly by the kidney.

 Psychoneurotic disorders: fear, tension, excitement and restlessness, increased irritability, depressed and unstable mood, lack of working life
 Psychosomatic disorders of functional disability cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal fixation, tachycardia and precordial problems, feeling of nausea and tension, hyperventilation syndrome and feeling of thoracic pressure
 Abstinence syndrome during treatment of ethanol dependence.

It is indicated on the packaging.

20 tablets of 10 mg each

HEMOFARM A.D.- Acting in collaboration with Pfizer H.C.P., USA

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