Convulex® 500 mg gastro-resistant 100 capsules, soft (Valproic acid)


What is Convulex and what it is used for
Convulex is an antiepileptic, ie. a medicine used to treat epilepsy (seizures). The active ingredient in Convulex is valproic acid.

Convulex is also used to treat and / or prevent manic episodes and to prevent migraine attacks if there is not enough effect from other antimigraine medicines.
The product is used to treat mania – when you feel excited, excited, excited, enthusiastic or hyperactive. Mania is seen in a condition called bipolar disorder. Convulex is used to treat mania when lithium cannot be used.
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What Convulex 500 mg capsules look like and contents of the pack
Convulex capsules are oval, pink, soft gelatin capsules with gastro-resistant coating in blister packs and are supplied in cartons of 40 and 100 capsules.

Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer
G. L. Pharma GmbH,


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G. L. Pharma GmbH,



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