Convulex® 50 mg/ml syrup (Sodium valproate)


What is Convulex syrup and what it is used for

Convulex is an antiepileptic, ie. a medicine used to treat epilepsy (seizures). The active ingredient in Convulex syrup is sodium valproate.
The product is used to treat mania – when you feel excited excited, enthusiastic or hyperactive. Mania is seen in a condition called bipolar disorder. Convulex is used to treat mania when lithium cannot be used.
Convulex syrup is designed specifically for the treatment of young children, in connection with its pleasant taste, which facilitates application. Convulex syrup contains the sugar substitute lycasine and therefore does not cause or increase the number of caries.
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What Convulex syrup looks like and contents of the pack
Colorless to slightly yellowish syrup in glass bottles. One pack contains 100 ml of syrup with a dosing syringe for oral administration.

Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer
G.L. Pharma GmBH
Castle Square 1
8502 Lannach

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G.L. Pharma GmBH
Schlossplatz 1
8502 Lannach


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