BIO product THERMA xtreme 675 mg /90 tablets in box/


BIO PRODUCT’s Therma Xtreme has proven its effectiveness as a feltberner.
You are aware that you need to do something to look more respectful to those around you. Want to increase muscle mass and strength? In every gym they will tell you – start weight training and drink protein. Is that enough? Not quite – in just a month you will “nail” one position and there is no wiggling! Use Therma Xtreme to achieve your goal and to ensure that you are working to increase mass and power.
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Increases energy, eliminates fatigue, maintains the body and increases overall performance. Improves muscle coordination and reflexes. Strengthens muscle fibers and improves their contraction. Increases endurance and strength of athletes and everyone looking for a way to energize. Increases testosterone levels, muscle capacity and overall strength. Particularly suitable for active athletes.

Directions for use: 2 tablets 30 min before training.

Content in 1 tablet:

• Sida Cordifolia extract 6% – 400 mg
• Caffeine – 200 mg
• White Willow Bark extract 15% (75% white willow bark extract)

Note: The product is a dietary supplement, sports food, and should not be used as a substitute for medicine.


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