BENALGIN 500 mg/50 mg/38,75 mg 20 tablets in box


What Benalgin is and what it is used for Benalgin is a combined drug whose action is conditioned by the action of its individual components (metamizole, caffeine and vitamin B1 (thiamine)). Metamizole has an analgesic and temperature-limiting effect. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and enhances the action of metamizole by facilitating penetration into the brain tissue. Vitamin B1 improves metabolism and conduction of nerve impulses. Benalgin is used for the symptomatic treatment of pain in: Headaches (migraine, headache); Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotory system; Postoperative states; Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis, neuralgia, polyneuritis, polyneuropathies); Painful menstruation. More about Bengalig Table * 20 (BENALGIN tabl. * 20), Marketing Authorization Holder: Actavis EAD, Bulgaria. Manufacturers: Balkanpharma-Dupnitsa AD, Bulgaria;


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