Atarax 25 mg. 25 tablets in Box /Hydroxyzine hydrochloride/


Atarax is psiholeptik anxiolytic action of diphenylmethane derivative. For patients with sleep disorders Ucerax adds to the total time of sleep, decrease the overall time of night waking, and reduces muscular tension in anxious patients.

Atarax is a psycholeptic with anxiolytic action, a diphenylmethane derivative. In patients with sleep disturbances, Atarax leads to an increase in total sleep time, a reduction in overall nighttime alertness, and lowering muscle tension in alarming patients. Atarax causes bronchospasm, has anti-emetic action (anti-vomiting), and relieves pruritus in various conditions of urticaria, eczema and dermatitis.

UCB Pharma SA, Belgium.

Atarax is used to:

  1. symptomatic treatment of anxiety in adults;
  2. symptomatic treatment of pruritus (pruritus);
  3. premedication in surgery.


UCB Pharma SA, Belgium.


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