Antabus – (500 mg Disulfiram) 25 tablets in Botle by DUMEX


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Antabus-Antabus / Esperal for alcoholism – 25 tablets
Treatment of chronic alcoholism and prevention of complications arising during treatment.
Mechanism of action:
The drug suppresses the action of an enzyme involved in the metabolism of alcohol in the human body, in which in high concentrations accumulate a product that causes redness, nausea and vomiting, weakness, palpitations, lowering blood pressure. These symptoms make alcohol intake unpleasant.
ANTABUS / ESPERAL ESPERAL disulfiram disulfiram
Dosage form:
Each pack contains 25 divisible tablets. Composition:
Each tablet contains 500 mg of disulfiram. Excipients q.s. up to 1 tablet.
• Diabetes
• Liver failure
• Neuropsychiatric disorders. Epilepsy
• Coronary insufficiency
• Alcohol or medication intake in the last 24 hours
• Pregnancy or imminent pregnancy.
Precautions for use:
should not be taken without a prescription. The doctor should determine the required dosage, duration of treatment and monitor the treatment.
Antabus should never be given to patients without their knowledge.
Due to the risk of serious consequences, Antabus should never be prescribed to patients who continue to drink alcohol or those who have taken alcohol for the past 24 hours.




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