Androcur 50 mg 50 tablets in Box /cyproterone acetate/


What Androcur is and what it is used for
Androcury is a hormonal product that blocks the effect of androgens – sex hormones that are produced mainly in men and also in smaller quantities in women. The drug substance is cyproterone acetate.

In women, Androcurm has favorable androgen-dependent conditions such as excessive hair loss in hirsutism, hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and increased sebaceous secretion leading to acne and seborrhea.

Also, with Androcur, your doctor may prescribe an estrogen-progestogen-containing contraceptive such as Diane 35 to provide contraceptive protection and cycle stabilization. During combined treatment, ovarian function is suppressed. These changes are reversible after discontinuation of therapy.

In men, Androcur reduces the testosterone (androgen) concentration in the blood. This in turn leads to a reduction in libido.

Androgens favor the development of prostate cancer. In these patients, Androcur inhibits this effect.

In women, Androcur is used to:

Severe signs of androgenisation such as
very heavy hirsutism (excessive hair)
androgen-induced large hair loss, possibly leading to balding (severe androgenic alopecia)
In Men Androcur is used for

Suppression of libido in cases of sexual abnormalities
Antiandrogen therapy for inoperable prostate cancer

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