Analgin® 500 mg 4 boxes x 20 tbl /Metamizole sodium/ PROMO PACK


what Analgin is and what it is used for
Analgin tablets contain the active substance metamizole sodium, which refers to pain-relieving drugs (analgesics). In addition to pain relief, it also has a temperature-lowering effect. Analgin is used for:

affecting moderate to severe pains of various origin: headache, toothache, neuralgia, neuritis, myalgia (muscle pain), trauma, burns, post-operative pain, phantom pain (sensation of pain in the place of an absent limb), menstrual pain, pain in oncological diseases, renal and biliary colic,
to lower a high temperature.

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Metamizole sodium

Marketing Authorization Holder and Manufacturer

Adifarm EAD, Bulgaria

Made for:

Sopharma AD, Bulgaria


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