Amiptifree 20 mg/ml + 5 mg/ml eye drops, solution Dorzolamide/Timolol 5 ml botle


What Amptifree is and what it is used for
Amptifree is a non-preservative ophthalmic medicine in the form of sterile drops containing two active substances: dorsolamide and timolol.
• Dorsolamide belongs to a group of medicines called ‘carbonic anhydrase inhibitors’.
• Timolol belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blockers.

These medicines reduce the pressure in the eye differently and differently.
Amptifree is prescribed to lower eye pressure in the treatment of glaucoma when the action of eye drops containing a beta-blocker alone was not sufficient.

What Amptifrey contains
The active substances are dorzolamide and timolol. Each ml contains 20 mg dorzolamide (as dorzolamide hydrochloride 22.26 mg) and 5 mg timolol (as timolol maleate 6.83 mg).
Each drop (about 35µl) contains 0.70 mg of dorsolamide and 0.1 $ mg of timolol.

The other ingredients are hydroxyethyl cellulose 6400-11900 mPas, mannitol, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), highly purified water.

What Amptifri looks like and contents of the pack
Amptifree is a clear, colorless, slightly viscous solution.
This medicine is available in a white low-density polyethylene bottle (5 ml) with a multi-dose high density polyethylene dropper applicator, which prevents contamination of the contents due to the silicone valve system and the return of filtered air to the bottle, preventing falsification of the cap. high density polyethylene screw and cardboard box.

Types of packaging:
1 x 5 ml bottle 3 x 5 ml bottle
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

Marketing Authorization Holder:

Pharmaceutical Works POLPHARMA SA 19 Pelplinska Street 83-200 Starogard Gdańsk, Poland


Warsaw Pharmaceutical Works Polfa S.A.
22/24 Karolkowa Street 01-207 Warszawa, Poland





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