AMIKACIN SOPHARMA 250 mg/ml solution for injection/infusion – 10 amp in pack


AMIKACIN SOPHARMA 250 mg/ml solution for injection/infusion
амикацин (amikacin)

Amikacin Sopharma injection / infusion solution is used for the short-term treatment of severe infections such as:

Bacterial septicemia (a serious disease where the agent is multiplied in the blood and lymphatic system), including neonatal sepsis and endocarditis (inflammation of the heart-endocardium caused by bacteria).
Infections of the central nervous system (including inflammation of the brain envelope).
Infections of: the respiratory system; bones and joints; skin and soft tissues; postoperative infections and infections after burns; abdominal cavity infections (including peritonitis); severe, complicated and recurrent infections of the genitourinary system (in primary and uncomplicated urinary tract infections, amikacin is administered only when the agent is not sensitive to less toxic antibiotics).

Normal dose with prolonged dosing intervals
With a stable patient status and unknown creatinine clearance, the dose interval is calculated by multiplying the serum creatinine by 9 (ie, if the serum creatinine level is 2 mg / 100 ml, the recommended dose of 7.5 mg / kg should be administered at an interval of 18 hours).

Decreased dose at certain time intervals between treatments
Treatment starts with a dose of 7.5 mg / kg. The maintenance dose is administered at 12-hour intervals and is calculated using the following formula:

Maintenance dose – established ClCr (ml / min) x loading dose (mg) / normal ClCr (ml / min)

ClCr = creatinine clearance

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Category: Medicines / With Recipe
Manufacturer: SOPHARMA
ATC: amikacin (J01GB06)





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